This blog is intended for  your entertainment. Your feedback is not necessary but welcome.

Of course, I love positive feedback but it is most helpful when it is specific. E.g., "Your chapters are sort. I like that."

I am concerned about mistakes. I am less concerned about typosthe manuscript has not been copy edited yetthan problems with the narrative. With fiction, "continuity" is a challenge. A character may have red hair in an early chapter and black hair in a later chapter. His name may be spelled different ways. Scenes could be repeated or contradict each other. In a mystery, there could be procedural errors. I'm not an expert on police, crime scenes, or juvenile justice. Moreover, this novel is set right before there were major changes in juvenile law, and I wasn't able to find out much about how it was in 1964. Another problem could be that a character does not behave in a way that is believable. A scene may lack "verisimilitude," a four-dollar word I probably learned from Father Corcoran, our freshman English teacher. 

If you do find something you would like to let me know, you may use the comment feature (you may need a Google ID) or contact me directly at kguentert @ gmail. com (no spaces).

Or just enjoy the ride.

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