Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Evil Speaking is a work of fiction. At the same time, it is set in a real place and a real time: Holy Cross Seminary, 1964-65. I was there then. However, the characters mentioned in this book were not there and the events mentioned in this book did not happen there. Some events, one in particular, inspired me to create a story that did not happen. I borrowed personality quirks and certain behaviors to create characters who never existed, except in my imagination. This is the fun of fiction.

I do have a dilemma. I set out to create this book specifically for my classmates. However, as the story developed, I began to worry that the story was taking turns that might not be appreciated by some of my mates (as Dingo Dave might say). I very much want to please my classmates, yet I like the story. To be honest, I have not resolved the conflict.

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