Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Chapter 39

Sunday, November 29, 1964

On Sunday afternoon, I called Jane Parker, the mother of Jimmy Parker. To my surprise, she answered the phone right away.

After answering my query about the health of herself and her husband in the aftermath of their son's suicide, she asked me whether we had found the murderer of Father Fox. 

I filled her in about Dingo Dave and added that I had some doubts about his guilt and the commonly understood explanation of what happened. She expressed dismay that another boy might be in trouble. 

"You may be able to help," I said and proceeded to tell her why I had called.

She was all over it, giving me the name of the bully boys' parents, including the maiden name of the mother, and their occupations. One wrinkle was that the father was a lawyer, which promised to make trouble but explained some of the arrogance. Neither parent was a Johnson, which was disappointing but not a surprise. 

I could have waited to talk to Sarah when I went over later for dinner, but I was excited and didn't feel like waiting. Assuming correctly that she would be at home, I phoned her and gave her the particulars.

"That helps," she said. "Now all I need to do is find out Diane Johnson's maiden name. I'll see what I can do after work tomorrow. It might take me a couple of days."

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